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Case Study: Teranet - Agile Governance Consulting


Teranet, an organization managing the land registration system for the Government of Ontario, had a legacy "waterfall-type" project management process it called "Inspire". To meet the changing needs of its business, it had recently created a new agile project management framework it dubbed "Accelerate". Teranet's PMO lead, Sandra Reimer, who owned both processes, struggled with how to fit the new agile Accelerate process into the organization's governance framework.


Reimer reached out to GenXus consultant Kevin Aguanno to get practical advice on how other companies dealt with this problem and to help craft a solution tailored to Teranet. Aguanno brought his extensive cross-industry experience in adopting agile methods to help Reimer to address gaps in the Accelerate process, to create a new agile project gating model that addressed the needs of various governance groups in the organization while still maintaining flexibility at the project team level, to ensure that the new model aligns with regulatory requirements, and to address adoption resistance issues common when making significant process changes within any large organization.

Client Feedback

“I was fortunate to take an advance agile class with Kevin Aguanno back in [...] 2014 and I was quickly able to see his expertise on agile, his ability to scale it to the enterprise, and as well tweak the processes that actually make sense for an organization. He was willing to dabble in the details like none of the other consultants could, and in a way that made sense, he could explain things and enrapture a room with a powerful presence. I quickly enlisted his support back at Teranet and I'm lucky I did because, in a very short period of time, he was able to ramp up on our existing processes, identify the gaps we needed to [address to] drive success, and help me build an agile project gating model, which allowed us to gain better visibility into our projects to ensure that they're on track, something that I might not have done so quickly and so correctly without Kevin. So, I wanted to thank Kevin for all the great work and I look forward to working with him again real soon. ”
— Sandra Reimer, Senior Manager - PMO, Teranet

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