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Case Study: Laurentian Bank - Agile Project HealthCheck


Laurentian Bank had contracted with a vendor to implement the vendor’s packaged software with a significant amount of configuration and custom integration work. The vendor had subcontracted much of the custom development to an offshore provider who was underperforming. As the project scope was not crisply defined at the start, and to manage its risk with the offshore provider, the vendor chose to use agile methods. However, the project was not going well – they could not meet any delivery dates and many iterations were extended with no defined end date.


As the bank was just starting to explore agile and had little internal experience, GenXus consultant Kevin Aguanno was engaged to assess the health of the project and compare it to agile best practices using GenXus' Agile Project HealthCheckTM approach. He performed extensive interviews with the vendors and bank team members, reviewed key documents and prepared an extensive report containing multiple root cause analyses and an extensive list of recommendations. The bank took action based upon these recommendations and the project delivery became more predictable and controlled, and overall performance improved.

Client Feedback

“I liked how [Kevin Aguanno] was able to benchmark our project against projects at other banks. That was interesting and helps support making changes.”
— Sylvain Prévost, Assistant VP, Technology Projects

“You exceeded my expectations.”
— Martine Lapointe, VP, Technology Projects

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