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Case Study: Clemmer Steelcraft - In-House Project Management Training


Clemmer Steelcraft Technologies Inc. (CSTI) undertakes many simultaneous projects in the operations of its business. Some projects are directly related to creating custom pressure vessels and other products for customers, while others are related to general business activities such as plant and equipment upgrades and information technology initiatives. Past project performance has been mixed. CSTI management believed that formal project management training would help improve the discipline of project estimating and scheduling, and prepare team members to take ownership of their projects to drive them through to completion.


CSTI engaged GenXus to provide a 1-day project management introduction to the senior management team, followed by a 3-day workshop for identified project leaders across the business. The three-day session was well-attended with an actively-engaged group of representatives from various divisions of the business. The 3-day workshop covered:

  • Day 1: Introduction — what makes a project and what is project management, project delivery lifecycles and how to choose the right one for a project, project lifecycle phases, and how project delivery lifecycles fit into corporate governance processes.
  • Day 2: Starting a Project — developing a Project Charter, identifying and validating requirements, building a Work Breakdown Structure, preparing a Responsibility Assignment Matrix, developing a Risk Management Plan, developing a Communications Management Plan, preparing project estimates, creating a project schedule, and preparing a project financial model.
  • Day 3: Project Monitoring/Controlling and Project Closeout — schedule tracking & forecasting (Schedule Burndown Charts), financial tracking & forecasting (Budget Burndown Charts), change management, quality management, status reporting, project closeout activities, and continuous improvement activities.

Client Feedback

"The project was a big success."
— Paul Summers, Chairman & CEO

"I really enjoyed [the course] last week. I can’t wait to implement some of the methods we learned last week onto my new projects."
— Karel Holfeuer, Project Supervisor

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