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Strategic Partnerships

GenXus maintains a number of strategic partnerships to help us deliver our product and service offerings more effectively.

Silverblaze Solutions Inc.
Silverblaze provides software solutions including their award-winning Apollo Workflow Engine. GenXus consultants worked with Silverblaze to create an agile project management tool based on the Apollo engine called Apollo Agile Project Management. Silverblaze continues to develop and support the product while GenXus takes over marketing and customer services responsibilities.
R3D Consulting
Headquartered in Montréal, Québèc, R3D gives GenXus access to a large pool (400+) of French-speaking consultants in Canada and in several countries around the world. Reciprocally, GenXus gives R3D deep agile expertise and access to executive relationships in the financial services sector in Toronto.
Staffed with a number of prominent former IBM employees, GenXus retains a relationship with Big Blue through IBM's business partner program. GenXus may leverage this relationship to help clients with projects deploying IBM technologies, as well as through deep familiarity with IBM Rational tools and methodologies.
Microsoft Corporation
As Microsoft-based project management tools are predominant in the industry, GenXus has built a business partner relationship with Microsoft to get access to pre-release versions and inside technical support. Reciprocally, GenXus consultants support the Microsoft user community through presentations, such as helping the Microsoft Project User Group understand how to build agile project release plans and iteration plans using Microsoft Project.
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